About Me

I have a history of taking terrible selfies. The picture on the side is probably one of the better ones I've ever taken.

The best pictures of me have always been taken by someone else. And even then it wasn't always a given. 

(I do like how happy my friend John and I are in this one.)

I mean, even in High School I couldn't get away with a shot where I looked handsome or dashing. That's me on the far left if you didn't guess.

I was always a bit comedic or dramatic, which is why I majored in theater in college.

Another picture of me in my younger years during the time I spent as a missionary for my church in Asia. The smile is goofy, the hair just a tad unkempt. 

Just in case you were having a hard time figuring it out, I'm the one on the right. The delicacy hanging suspended from my grasp on the left is a dried squid, the beef jerky of the east.

With the inability to take a good picture, screen acting was out, and even the stage was a bit of a stretch. It was what I wanted to do in my youth, but it wasn't going to pan out.

I still like sharing stories, and found I have a pretty good ability to tell a joke, sometimes, if there isn't any pressure or anything.

So after a long enough stretch most of the people I grew up with are contemplating retirement, I finally decided what I want to do with my life.

I hope you enjoy my writing.